Where do I donate?

If you are donating, please email me on taiji@animalrights.org.za and let me know if you want me to add your name to the list of heroes and/or whether you would like me to state the amount as well.

You can either donate via EFT for ZAR or PayPal for foreign currency.

I need to make sure you know that my solicitation is not affiliated with the nonprofit organization Sea Shepherd and so if you do provide funds to me it is not tax-deductible.   Your contribution to my journey would be a personal gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, support and generosity!

EFT Details
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Cheque
Branch: Sea Point
Account Number: 62102507847
Account Holder: A Botha

Foreign Currency:

*PLEASE NOTE: Any surplus funds will be donated to a charity nominated by and voted for by donours.

9 Responses to Where do I donate?

  1. Martha Ragel says:

    How long will you be collecting funds? I can donate more in the future.

    • Nikki says:

      You’re such a sweety Martha! Thank you – I got your donation. I have been out of the country and am catching up on everything, so will send you a private note in the next day. *hug*

    • Nikki says:

      Also – I want to go as soon as possible.

  2. Uli Sharbinie says:

    Hi Nikki, I would donate in small. Hope help making your dream come true.

  3. Cindy Carroll says:


    I get paid on Friday (3/16) and I will donate $20.00. I believe you have asked for $10.00, but I thought $20.00 would help you get closer to your goal. We Need more people like you. I have the deepest respect for you because you fight for what you believe in and you do not back down from what you believe in. I can see in your heart that you love dolphins and that you care so much for them. I know that when you arrive in Taiji I know that I will be so proud of you because I believe in you and I know that you will do more to help all dolphins that unfortunately pass by Taiji. I am so glad to know you, to read your blog, and to see your work in Taiji. Thank you Nikki so much. Your husband is so lucky to have you and I am so glad to be your friend. You Go Girl!!! Hugs and <3, Cindy Carroll :D

  4. Beneficiary name: A. Botha
    Beneficiary account number: 62102507847
    Branch code: 20180900
    Branch name: SEA POINT / ADELPHI
    My reference: Nikki Botha
    Beneficiary reference: Suzette Ludeke
    Payment date: 2012-08-08
    Amount: R 200.00

    I owe you Nikki. It’s small but something towards your dream.

  5. Anoux Massey says:

    I want to help you my friend :)

  6. Ann Parker says:

    I’m happy to donate on behalf of my children and all of the children in the world.

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