Phil Wollen (Australian of the Year Victoria 2007; Order of Australia):

I am delighted to hear of your initiative to serve as a Cove Guardian from South Africa.

As you know, I support 500+ projects in 40+ countries, helping children, animals, the environment, the terminally ill and aspiring youth. It covers schools, orphanages, clinics, sanctuaries, shelters, biogas plants, ambulances, feeding programs and disaster recovery. And I rely heavily on good people on the ground to help me. One of my heroes, the late Professor Drucker at Harvard calls these fine people “low cost probes”!

I feel remiss.

I have never told you how much I admired you.

Of all the organisations in RSA that I support, you have been the one constant – and for that, they are thousands who are, like me, forever in your debt. The others may not be able to enunciate it in a language we can understand. So I guess it is up to me.

Keep up the great work – despite the cruel and enlightened forces that threaten you. Ultimately, there is an eye in the sky and kind people win. And bad people lose. You are one of the winners.

And you have my unequivocal admiration.


Rosie Kunneke (Previous and Present Cove Guardian; Team mate: Operation Desert Seal; Activist):
Being in the animal activist community myself, I have worked with Nikki on many occasions where we fought side by side for the voiceless. I am honored to call her my friend and fellow activist and the animals need more people like her!


Beryl Scott (National Chairperson – Beauty Without Cruelty):
Please support Nikki Botha’s efforts to go to Japan as a Cove Guardian! Nikki is the ideal person to send, as she has a long history of animal rights activism and is a passionate opponent of animal exploitation and suffering. The world needs to know about the brutal killing of dolphins in Taiji cove and those of us who are appalled at the horrific suffering inflicted on these animals, must support those who are willing to put their own safety on the line defending them – Nikki is such a person!

 Grace Ko (Activist; Team mate: Operation Desert Seal):
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nikki on Operation Desert Seal and she is one of the strongest and most dedicated people I’ve ever met.  She lives for animals and would be a great asset for anyone’s team/campaign.


Gabby James (Founder and President: Animal Rights Advocates; Activist):

If I had to name the person who has influenced and guided me most as an animal rights activist it would without a doubt be Nikki. She is one of the most dedicated, honest and passionate people I know. More than anyone she deserves this opportunity to be a Cove Guardian in Taiji.


Anoux Massey (Activist; Founder and President of P.E.T.S):
I, Anoux Massey, founding member of PETS – Pet Empowerment in TownShips Animal Rescue Organisation (www.pets.org.za) confirm that I have known Nikki Botha for 3 years.

We have been co-animal rescuers/activists for the time that we have known each other.

 At all times I have found her to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving, courteous, passionate.

 She is an upstanding person in all regards and is very active in many different areas of animal rescue. Her passion runs deep and her love for animals alike has no boundaries. She is a true inspiration to all that have the privilege to work with/along side her.

 She is most certainly a legitimate activist that will have lots to offer and is extremely passionate about Taiji.


Pat Dickens (Founder: Seals of Nam; Activist):
I am proud to endorse friend and fellow activist Nikki Botha in her bid to serve as a “Cove Guardian” in Taiji, Japan. This small fishing village has been brought to the worlds attention in the award winning documentary, “The Cove”

 Each year, Japanese fishermen will slaughter thousands of dolphins in the most brutal and heinous manner in what has become known as a “drive fishery.” The presence of Westerners in Taiji has seen a marked decline in the number of dolphins that have been massacred in recent years.

 I sincerely hope that you will join me in supporting Nikki, as I have come to know her as a dedicated individual. Her passion is for the welfare of animals and she seeks neither fame or fortune in her pursuit in accomplishing such.


Anneke Brits (Chairperson Fur Free South Africa; Activist):
It is my great pleasure to testify that I know Nikki Botha personally, and that she is a valued member of the Fur Free SA executive  team. For the past three years, I’ve worked closely with her on a number of animal-rights projects, and I have found her to be a passionate, committed and loyal activist blessed with excellent powers of argumentation and persuasion.

I can safely say that any team that takes her on board will be only the better for is.

Lelemba Chitembo Phiri (Award winning financial educator; writer and social entrepreneur):
Nikki Botha is a dedicated and passionate animal rights activist that serves on various boards of organizations involved in animal wellfare. I have known her personally for over 3 years and I am always glad to support her noble efforts.

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