So what is this about again?

The annual murder of thousands of dolphins started on 1 September in Taiji, Japan.

The Cove, where this slaughter takes place, will be the host of Cove Guardians all over the world. I am DESPERATE to return to Taiji for my second tour of duty as one of those Guardians. As a concerned South African citizen, I am willing to put my life on hold to once again bring the message home and speak for those dolphins who have no say in what happens to them.

Unfortunately, the only thing preventing me from doing this is finances. In 2011 my budget was between R20 000 – R25 000 to serve as a Guardian for the two weeks I would be in Taiji. This year, with rising costs, my budget for a two week tour of duty is R32 000. In short, I need sponsorship to cover this cost and am thus yet again relying on friends, family and strangers to get me back to Taiji.

I am a well respected and known animal rights activist and have worked with Paul Watson (of Sea Shepherd and have been involved with various campaigns:

 Seal Alert South Africa (2006 to 2008) – Spokes person
 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (2006 to present) – South Africa
 South African Rat Fan Club (2006 onwards) – Cape Town Leader
 Legal Alliance for Animal Welfare (2006 to 2007) – Administration and Member
 Darwin Primate Group (2007 to present) – Office bearer and board member
 South African Mass Animal Sterilization (2008 to 2011) – Trustee
 South African Seal Saving Initiative (2008 to present) – Founder and CEO
 City Wide Forum Civil Societies (2008 to present) – Working member for human and animal development
 Voter registration (2009 Elections) – Ward oversight
 National Elections (2009) – Ward oversight
 The Extraordinaries (2010 to present) – Contributor
 Fur Free South Africa – National Campaign Coordinator and Executive Member
 Radio guest spots
 Television appearances
 Freelance article writer
 Guest speaker at special events
 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Operation Desert Seal – Team member
 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & SA.SSI (2011): Presentation to Ombudsman f Namibia (by invitation) on human rights and constitutional violations in the current marine mammal conservation management programme
 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (2011): Operation Infinite Patience Japan – Cove Guardian
 Blikkiesdorp (2012): Welfare worker and animal rescuer
 NGO Start up Consultant (2007 to present): various

And if you don’t know about Taiji, watch the Oscar winning film The Cove. You’ll understand.  This is a story which must continuously be covered. Without Cove Guardians on the ground, the voices of these dolphins will go unheard.

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  1. Dani says:

    Nikki, I applaud your commitment and determination and the fact that you are prepared to stand up, put yourself out there and do what many of us only think/wish we could!!! To that end, I’ve left a donation on your site. I hope many more will follow and that you are able to achieve your dream!. Go Get Them Nix!!!! xxx

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