As if 27 September 2012, I have reached 88% of my total budget.

If you would like to help increase that percentage, please see how you can do this by visiting:

For all of you who have donated and will still be donating, my sincere gratitude to you. Thank you for keeping me humble.

13 Responses to Received

  1. Angie says:

    Just wanted to know what your total is at the moment so far… short are you now for the trip?

    • Nikki says:

      Angie – I still have a LONG way to go. I just came back from Namibia where I did a presentation to the Ombudsman of Namibia on human rights and constitutional violations in their annual seal harvest, so I am trying to catch up on everything. But I think I have just over US$200.00. So I am VERY VERY short!

  2. dalene van rensburg says:

    Nikki, i transferred last weekend, did you receive the payment confirmation?

    • Nikki says:

      Dalene – SO sorry!!! I did! I was in Namibia when I got the notification. I feel REALLY bad that I didn’t say thank you sooner! Please accept my humblest apologies :( I am so grateful – honestly :) Please let me know how you want me to indicate it on the donor page: whether you want your name and the amount, whether you JUST want your name or JUST the amount; or whether you want your initials and the amount.

  3. Nicol says:

    Nikki, how can we get you there quicker? You need the backing of a big company, one with morals! Those dolphines need you NOW! If there is anything else I can do to help, just shout!

    • Nikki says:

      If someone is willing to sponsor the plane ticket, that will take care of a large portion of the money that I need. I am also looking in to challenging a SA celeb to go with me.

  4. Angie says:

    Hi Nikki, why not ask Jeremy Mansfield? He recently went to Libya with 4PAWS… never know.

  5. Ornella says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I so admire you for what you are doing and I thank God for people like you, who give hope to animals who would otherwise have none! Thank you for being their voice.
    Have you considered contacting Michelle Venter?!/MichelleGarforthVenter

    They have raised HUGE amounts of money for other causes.

    Although I cannot contribute financially now, I have shared your link on face book and e-mailed it to everyone I know, but most importantly you will be in my daily prayers- with God EVERYTHING is possible!

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    • Nikki says:

      Hallo Taiji Dolphin – good to see you think my blog is important enough to take up your time. You flatter me! I would however offer you a word of advice: don’t use big words you don’t understand. If you have any understanding of English, understand this: pot, kettle, black. I guess it goes over your head. But good luck with trying to provoke me. Just remember: you lost WWII.

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