FOR REALZ!!! Taiji, here I come!

Word just in: if Taiji Or Bust has taught me anything, it is that nothing is impossible. If you want something bad enough, go get it.

Last year when my friends were in Taiji fighting for the dolphins, I hit several low points. I knew what was happening in Taiji – I was afterall a guest speaker at the launch of The Cove in South Africa, but when you have friends on the ground, the connection becomes more than just what is seen on a movie screen.

When Rosie went to Taiji this year for her second stint, I started hitting those low points again. She suggested that I had nothing to lose by putting out a plea to help get me to Taiji. And thus Taiji Or Bust was born. I was positive that I was going to get there.

What I didn’t count on was that with escalating petrol and electricity and food prices, everyone was feeling the economic pinch (myself included!). People desperately wanted to help. Donations came in, but not nearly in the volumes I thought they would. I slowly started losing hope – but I was never, ever going to give up.

And it paid off. After reading another harrowing and heart breaking post of slaughtered and imprisoned dolphins, I posted a status update on FB literally pleading for someone to sponsor my ticket (either through air miles of financially) or anything that will just help me get there.

Someone responded. Two incredible individuals will donate and help me make my way to the little town in Japan where the sea is tainted red with blood. Henry Matthews is an old primary school classmate. We both attended school in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Who would ever have guessed that 25 years later, he would play an integral role in my fight against the Japanese dolphin slaughter?

So Henry and gorgeous Bernice who stands by your side each day: each report, each triumph and each tear will be dedicated to you.

To all the people who have shown me kindness and generosity and who helped made my dream come true: Taiji Or Bust is for you. Remember to never, ever give up the fight and never, ever to let go of your dreams.

Love, light, peace and dolphins forever,

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4 Responses to FOR REALZ!!! Taiji, here I come!

  1. Nikki says:

    KEEP THE DONATIONS COMING THOUGH – who knows? We might help someone else get to Taiji. If not, then the balance after my cost can be donated to Sea Shepherd who can use the funds to fight for our oceans and all who live in it!!

  2. Dinielle says:

    I LOVE Henry and Bernice. I dont know them, but they are freakin AWESOME!!

  3. Rosie Kunneke says:

    Nikki….I am so very happy for you! Thank you to Henry and Bernice-it is truly amazing that you are helping Nikki to get here to fight for the dolphins!The dolphins in this horrible place needs every bit of help they can get and Nikki is one of the most passionate and dedicated animal rights activists I know! See you here soon my friend!!

    • Nikki says:

      Rosie – I can only ever be effective because of the good people I surround myself with. Without them, I am nothing more than a lost voice in the dark.

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