Trainers = Vets?!

I Skyped with my friend Rosie who showed me the holding pens for the dolphins via Skype. It is absolutely terrible. The pens are so small, I have no idea how these animals manage to swim in them. She also showed me the pen where the sick dolphin is and you could see the dolphin had no interest in moving. She spoke to the police again to speak to the trainers to get the dolphin some hlep, but the police said there is nothing they can do as the trainers are a law upon themselves and consider themselves to be vets. I would love to see the qualifications.

There are no animal cruelty laws in Japan so we cannot press for charges to be brought against the neglect suffered by the sick dolphin. It is time for the Japanese people to push for change.

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  1. Nikki says:

    I just researched this topic and saw there are some really really weak animal “protection” laws but they are never enforced.

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