My friend Rosie is currently in Taiji and is doing a very difficult job as a Cove Guardian. Yet she manages to do it with grace and passion.

I have been following her progress and read with utter dismay about a wild dolphin who is now living a life of misery in captivity in a dolphinarium in Japan. The dolphin is sick and depressed. He refuses to eat. Rosie tried to reason with his captors – please get him help. You know what they do? They laughed at her.

How my friend manages to maintain her composure when confronted with such inhumanity is beyond me. Heaven knows, I would not be as graceful or compassionate. The more I hear about what is going on in Taiji, the more determined I am to go. I WANT TO BE THERE.

I also urge others to go. If you can, do it. It has to get to the point where the presence of caring global citizens in Taiji brings such pressure on the Japanese that they finally see that the “benefits” of killing and capturing dolphins in their thousands do not outweigh the shame and cruelty of this blood letting.

And I for one, want to be part in giving life to dolphins who would otherwise be slaughtered in the most brutal fashion imaginable.

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